Going To: a short film by Rachel and Rosie

Skyscraper TorontoSometimes its hard to say good-bye, wave someone off and watch them disappear over the horizon.  Especially when you’ve brought them into the world.  But that’s what I did a few months ago as daughter Rosie went off to live in Canada.  Of course I miss her every day but at the same time I’m very proud and I hope that in some small way I’ve brought her up with the confidence to make and take this opportunity.

Last year, I went out to see Rosie in Canada when she was there studying.  It wasn’t an easy journey as I’m rather an anxious traveller, especially on a long flight, and the only thing that kept me going was the thought of seeing her at the other end.

As a creative person, I have always believed in using what is readily accessible and to hand.  I also believe that the interpretation and suggestion of what you have created can be as valuable as the art itself.  And so, as we travelled down the east side of this vast country, I started to shoot a series of short videos on my mobile phone – my observation of the country and its culture, simultaneously alien and familiar to me.

Before Rosie left for Canada again, we took time out together and edited the clips from my visit.  We produced the short film Going TO with the TO standing for Toronto, which had been the final destination of our road trip.

We hope you enjoy our collaboration.


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