Ever Rolling Stream: a WW1 stage play by Rachel Cochrane

About the play

Ever Rolling Stream performanceA writer constantly draws from what goes on around them, from what they observe, whether the seemingly ordinary or the unexpected.  For Rachel, the inspiration for her latest play was close to home when the bronze plaque, bearing the names of the WW1 fallen, was stolen from her village memorial.  This shocking event was the catalyst for writing Ever Rolling Stream, which Rachel has also brought to the stage together with co-director Karen Kirkland.

Set between WW1 and the present, it is a mix of fact and fiction and portrays the parallel lives of two mothers and their sons, 100 years apart. Interwoven in the story, a group of locals research the names on their village memorial and uncover the mystery of Charles Kilvington-North, a young man who went from their village to fight in The Great War and for whom no trace can be found.Ever Rolling Stream scenes

The production

The play was several years in the writing, a solitary labour of love.  However, bringing it to life on the stage was a team effort and Rachel was fortunate to work with a wonderful group of actors, The Stocksfield Players to share and realize her vision.   The process involved not only directing but also the co-ordination of many other tasks and supporting people to ensure that the performance came together.

Rehearsals Ever Rolling Stream

Ever Rolling stream made its debut performance at The Stocksfield Community Hall on the 10th and 11th November 2017 – Remembrance Sunday weekend and was well received by the audience and thanks to the Hexham Courant for their great write up – to read CLICK HERE

Ever Rolling Stream preparing for performance

Now available to perform

Ever Rolling Stream play coverIf any drama groups are interested in performing Ever Rolling Stream please get in touch.  It is written for an intergenerational cast of 5 male and 6 females but there is a degree of flexibility in that and I would be happy to advise.

To read a sample of the script at stageplays.com CLICK HERE

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