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St Mary's Lighthouse

St Mary’s Lighthouse

Rachel has been working on an Arts Council England and North Tyneside Council sponsored project to promote the culture and venues of North Tyneside, for which she has directed and produced a series of audio podcasts.

The aim is to showcase the work of local writers and the real stories of local people.  These have been recorded in iconic venues across North Tyneside.

The content includes work from writing groups, writing workshops, oral history and the commission of a new radio play, all inspired by North Tyneside.

The resulting podcasts (audio recordings) are available for all to listen online.  In Summer 2016, a selection of the recordings can also be heard at a mobile listening post in venues across North Tyneside.

Picture by Stuart BoultonThe listening post will be on tour:

Picture by Stuart Boulton

Segedunum Museum & Fort Cafe from July 18 to August 7

Old Low Light Heritage Centre from August 24 to Sept 5

There will also be a dedicated publicity campaign to reach a wide audience both regionally and nationally.

The podcasts include recordings from:

Old Low Light, North Shields Fish QuaySt Mary’s Lighthouse: Creative writing from Elementary Writers

Old Low Light, Fish Quay: Stories of local life from the Lighthouse Ladies

Segedunum: Creative work on the theme of Journey and Frontiers from workshops held at the Fort and Museum

Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade watch house: a recording and live perfomance of Figureheads a radio play by Whitley Bay writer Noreen Rees.

Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum


TVLB watch house

TVLB watch house

Culture Bites@North Tyneside podcasts

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