Limbo – a collaborative exhibition

‘There are sites in limbo: a time and place between the extremes of annhilation and regeneration, lingering in loss and expectation’ Rod Giblett and Juha Tolonen 2012
Limbo panel

Limbo exhibition panel

Limbo is a collaborative exhibition between writer Rachel Cochrane and photographer Francesca Dent.  It’s an exciting fusion of 2 artstic genres coming together with a shared love of writing, photography, local history and bricks!  The project builds on an exhibition that Francesca put together as part of her Masters degree in photography.

Limbo focuses on Blaydon Burn, a former industrial site which played a vital part in the industrial revolution with the world-renowned Cowen Brickworks and other industries such as mines, steel works, iron foundries and the world’s first manufacturer of benzol.

Now abandoned and returning to nature,  Rachel and Francesca have explored the area further.  Rachel was drawn to write flash fiction suggested by her visit to Blaydon Burn and what has been left behind as photographed by Francesca. This was put together to form the exhibits.

The exhibition was on show at the Sanctuary Artspace at St Edmunds Chapel, High Street Gateshead NE1 8EP, 10th – 27th August 2015.

exhibition boards

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