Baby Boomers Behaving Badly

Waiting for Baby Boomers to startMy heart was pounding as I waited for the curtain to open on the first night of my 3 short stage plays and the audience was welcomed to the ‘world premiere’.

Performing my stage plays were Throckley Drama Group at Heddon WI hall with pie and peas supper (who needs the West End?).  Before starting, it was announced that the writer was in the audience.  I had hoped to be incognito and make a quick exit at the end!

Intro Baby Boomers

The first half started with Revenge is a Dish as 2 ex-lovers meet on a lonely common followed by Village Notes about a respectable middle aged woman running a brothel from her spare bedroom.  Wow – the audience actually laughed and quite spontaneously.  It was a great feeling.  However, there was no resting on my laurels as at the intervals I rushed backstage to help serve the pie and peas supper.  Talk about multitasking!

Revenge is a Dish

Then the second half and my longer one hour play Baby Boomers Behaving Badly about the older generation getting to grips with social media.  The middle act is a party which gets out of hand and was the most problematic part for both writer and actors in terms of movement on stage.  After a last minute rewrite it was fingers crossed and all went well with some great belly laughs from the audience who were just on the ball with the plot and really loved it.

Baby Boomers 70s partyThe final curtain came and, for me personally, there was a great release of nervous tension that had been building up for some time.

I never doubted that the Throckley Drama Group would fail to deliver.  I have been honoured by them wanting to take on my work to perform and humbled by their months of tremendous hard work both onstage and backstage.  Rather, I was worried in case my script didn’t work once it was translated from page to stage, because this part of the process had not been tried before.  But sometimes you have to step onto the trapeze without a wire – and the effect can be exhilerating.

The second night also had a fantastic response and I should like to thank all my newsletter subscribers who came along and supported it, namely Sue, Trish, Gwen, Joy, Julia, Susan, Helen (The Stencil Library) and Fran (Perspective Consett) and everyone else.  Many thanks of course to Throckley Drama Group who must be gluttons for punishment as they now want to perfom my dramas for the Ryton Festival in 2016!