Door Belsay

PAST WORKSHOP: Willow Burn Creative New Year Workshop

Our latest event was a slight departure from the usual as we kickstarted 2015 with a Creative New Year Workshop.  This was a collaboration between myself and  graphic designer / illustrator Carrie Dennison of Press for Design and Dendryad Art, which was held in the fabulous Tom Cowie Centre at Willow Burn Hospice.  This room has 2 large windows from which we looked out onto fields and woods to observe sunshine, gales, rain, snow, and a rainbow within the space of a few hours.

Door BelsayIn the morning we explored the theme of Janus the God of beginnings, transtions, gates, doors, doorways, passages and endings and used this as an inspiration for our writing.  It was a real privilege to hear the group’s work even though not everyone had written creatively before.



Art session New Year Creative Workshop Willow Burn For the afternoon, Carrie continued the theme of January and new starts and everyone made a writing prompts calendar in the shape of a carousel and decorated them with lino printing.  This was a chance to see everyone’s own individual expression through shape and colour, not to mention getting our hands messy!



I’d like to share some of the comments from the day:

‘Thanks for a fabulous day’.

‘Safe, inspirational and fun. Loved it!’

‘A great opportunity to share perspectives and ideas with interesting people in a relaxed and supportive environment’.

‘A memorable and fun day’.

Photos by Rachel Cochrane and Carrie Dennison

For Carrie’s lovely colourful blog on the workshop CLICK HERE