Celia episode 1

Jerusalem, Jam and Celia

It is over four years since actor Penny Lamport, digital media artist Shirley Anne Wood and myself started filming Celia. During that time, there has been laughter, tears and tantrums not to mention many hugs plus the arrival 2 beautiful babies.  In and amongst, we have also been involved with many other projects and after filming, Shirley still had the mammoth task of editing all the footage.  Now complete, I am in the process of uploading all 7 episodes for everyone to enjoy watching Celia online.

WI hutThis week I was invited to talk at 2 different WI groups where I also showed the first episode of Celia.  The first one was in Seaton Delaval and the second in Middleton St George where I was joined by Shirley and Penny.

I am glad to report that on both occasions we had a brilliant response from the audience.  As a writer, it was fantastic to hear people laughing in response to my words, brought to life of course by Penny and Shirley.

Penny talking to WI group

Penny talking. Photo by Shirley Anne Wood

After a question and answer session and over the legendary WI refreshments, we were quite overwhelmed by the comments that we received:

‘I connected with Celia – she really understands what women go through.’

‘Watching it, I felt that the writer had experienced what she was talking about.’

‘ It was like watching the truth.’

WI watching Celia

WI watching Celia. Photo by Shirley Anne Wood

The three of us realised that watching Celia as a group in a communal place had been enjoyable and uplifting for all concerned.  We had now come full circle and we were back to our original vision of working together to produce media for and about real, mature women.

In addition to promoting the Celia film series to watch online, we are also now going to explore taking the entire film series out on the road to be enjoyed as a collective experience.  So if you are part of a group that would be interested in watching Celia – please do get in touch hello@rachelcochrane.com

Rachel, Shirley, Penny

Rachel, Shirley, Penny. Photo by Shirley Anne Wood