Village Notes

It’ll be all right on the night!

Baby Boomers rehearsalAs a writer, it’s always very encouraging when someone wishes to perform your work.  And so it’s been with great excitement and a few nerves that for the past few months I have been watching Throckley Amateur Dramatics rehearse 3 of my short stage plays.

Village Notes rehearsalIt’s been a great experience to watch the actors take my words off the page and put their own mark upon it.  All the plays have needed a few tweaks and a bit of rewriting here and there to refine them as they are all works in development.

Everything is coming together for the performances on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October at Heddon WI Hall, Towne Gate, Heddon on the Wall, NE15 0DR starting at 7.30pm.

It would be great to see you at either of the performances.

Tickets are £6 with a pie and peas supper

To book a place please contact me, stating your date, on

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