Exterior Nissan Sunderland evening

Fact finding and inspiration at Nissan

I am very pleased to report that photographer James Sebright…

Our Day with Words and Pictures

I love the fusion of different artistic genres coming together. …
Pat Robson
Hexham Abbey
pen writing

'Introduction to Creative Writing' workshop at Sunderland Festival 2016

I am delighted to have been invited to develop and deliver a…

Follow the Sun

Here in the North East we move amongst such richness of heritage…

Portfolio Items

Back Street Easington Colliery

More Tales from Easington Writers

Stories and poetry from the writers' group
Notebook, pen and coffee

Village Notes: a radio play by Rachel Cochrane

Less than respectable goings on in suburbia
pen writing

Sunderland Literature and Creative Writing Festival 2016

Rachel's workshops for schools and adults
Hadrian's Wall

Coira's Wall by Simon Van der Velde

An extract from Simon's novel set in Roman Britain