Exterior Nissan Sunderland evening

Fact finding and inspiration at Nissan

I am very pleased to report that photographer James Sebright…

Fireside stories with Wendy Robertson

One compensation for a cold March day is to be warm inside, especially…

Portfolio Items

Blood Pool a short story by Ruby Shifrin

Awarded 3rd place in the 'Room to Write' short story Competition 2014
scales of justice

KT Boundary a short story by John Adams

Awarded 2nd place in the 'Room to Write' short story competition 2014
Avril Joy Writer

Avril Joy - Writer

Listen to Avril read extracts from her novel 'The Orchid House'
Wendy Robertson Writer

Wendy Robertson - Writer

Listen to Wendy read extracts from three of her books
Room to Write short story competition presentationlistenupnorth

'Room to Write' short story competition

Charting involvement with this prestigious competition
Recordin Christine Powell Teikyo Librarylistenupnorth

Diagonal Flight a short story by Christine Powell

Winning entry of the 'Room to Write' Short Story Competition 2014