Exterior Nissan Sunderland evening

Fact finding and inspiration at Nissan

I am very pleased to report that photographer James Sebright…
Bessie Pit Coal Drop 500

What Lies Beneath

Spending a Saturday morning in the woods, discovering industrial…
St Edmunds Chapel Gateshead

Limbo Opens at Sanctuary Artspace

It is always so exciting when a piece of your work is available…
Exhibition poster

Alright on the Night

I'm collapsed on the settee as I write this, thoroughly exhausted…
Oriental Museum, Durham University

Down to the Wire!

Last weekend was spent with headphones permanently attached to…
Celia episode 6

Celia episode 6

Celia is packing a suitcase.  Where is she going? CLICK…

Portfolio Items

Nissan: 30 Years On - audio interviews

Hear stories from people associated with Nissan
The Undercroft, Live Theatre

Underwriters' Project, Live Theatre

Monologues from The Underwriters Project
Empty bench in park

Benchmark Writing Competition

A writing competition inspired by benches

Blood Pool a short story by Ruby Shifrin

Awarded 3rd place in the 'Room to Write' short story Competition 2014
Nissan, Sunderland

'Nissan: 30 Years on' The Influence of Japan on life in the North East

A collaborative multimedia exhibition