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Sweet Dreams of Contentment

Sometimes a writer’s world can be very black and white.  The expression of our art and the way to reach others is traditionally through the printed word on a page and that can be quite an insular process.

Over the past 2 years, my world as a writer has exploded into colour through both solo and collaborative exhibitions with artists of  many creative genres.  This has included a range of platforms and subjects as diverse as Nissan at 30, The Somme, Blaydon Burn brickworks and Seville.  One of the curators has even described me as a ‘word artist’.

I love the effect that can be produced when people with different approaches collide together.  I was therefore delighted when asked by curator Esen Kaya to go along to the opening night of Sweet Dreams of Contentment. This is a collaboration between 2 visual artists Brian Ord and Val Close and singer/songwriter Pete Scott who all hail from Cullercoats.

Sweet Dreams of Contnentment Collage For the exhibition, in the fantastic space at The Customs House Gallery South Shields, Pete has written and recorded songs based on the artwork of Brian and Val and vice versa.  All the works are connected by themes of irony, domestic environment, humour and symbolism.  The songs are available to hear through a headphone set as you walk around the exhibition and on the opening night we were also treated to a live performance of them by Pete and his band.

I thoroughly enjoyed this bright, thought-provoking exhibition from 2 artists of very different styles, linked together by Pete’s incisive lyrics.   It made me think about life a little differently and for me that’s a sign of great creativity.

Sweet Dreams of Contentment:

Where: The Customs House Gallery South Shields, NE33 1ES

When: 11th June to 31st July 2016

Cost: Free