Benchmark bench on the lawn

Benchmark: Into the Studio

It’s every writer’s dream to hear their words come to life and reach an audience or a reader.  I have been very fortunate to have a group of wonderful friends that I can call upon to help me.  Even so, I really thought I had overstretched myself this time as when I read through my Benchmark script and counted up the actors it required – 20 in total!

True there were actually only 4 main parts and the rest were characters with just a few lines to say at the beginning of each scene (you’ll see how it works when you listen to the radio play).  Nevertheless, it was going to be a tall order to find that many actors and juggle them all during the recording.

Rehearsing & Recording Benchmark for Amy, Young Jack, Flo & Credits:


The answer was to hold 2 separate recording sessions, each one on a Saturday morning at Fuse Media Centre in Prudhoe with technician Joe Patterson.  Of course there were numerous rehearsals leading upto these and a run through just before we went into the studio.  Then there was the shopping – plenty of tea, coffee, water and biscuits, essential supplies to see us through our time in the studio.

The main parts required actors of diverse ages and voices; my daughter’s friend Kate played Amy, her young son was played by Luke, who was recommended by the leader of his drama group.  Florence, the ghost of an elderly lady, was played by Pat whom I knew from local amdram and whose voice I had always heard in my head when writing the part of Florence.   The narrator was played by Kate’s friend, Theo who is aiming for drama school and the credits were read by Helen Aitken, a local voiceover artist.

The Stocksfield Players stepped into the breach to play the voices of the other ghosts, a group  that I can always rely for some fine acting.

Rehearsing & Recording Benchmark for the Ghosts and Older Jack:


I’m always nervous leading upto a recording session but once we start, the adrenalin flows and I’m on a roll.  Thanks to everyone’s co-operation and great delivery, things went smoothly then the editing , sound effects and I musn’t forget the theme music Departure composed and played by my own daughter, Rosie, which sets the tone so beautifully.

I hope you enjoy what we have created!