Benchmark bench on the lawn

Rosie’s Tune

Rosie clownOn my daughter Rosie’s very last day at school, I was a little surprised when she bounced out of the school gates showing no emotion after her way of life of 14 years had come to an end.  Perhaps it was difficult, given that she had dressed up as clown for a themed farewell!

For my part, I must admit that I shed a few tears at the end of an era which had lasted 20 years.  When we got home, Rosie went straight to her favourite place and pastime – the piano.  Within half an hour, the most beautiful tune drifted through the wall where I was just putting the finishing touches to my online radio play, Benchmark

Rosie records 'Departure'This turned out to be Rosie’s own composition, the tune she named Departure, her expression through music, of how she felt at this watershed moment in life.  Departure also became very poignant when she left for university a few months later.

It also quite literally struck a chord with Benchmark and Rosie very kindly allowed me to use it as the theme tune and we went along to the studio at Fuse Media where she recorded it.


I hope you agree it gives a real depth and tone to the drama.


Last weekend we had a trip to Berwick Film Festival where a film for which Rosie had composed the music got a ‘special mention’ in the Chris Anderson Award.  Collection Day was written and directed  by her talented school friend Lizzy Mansfield and I certainly recommend the few minutes it takes to watch this exquisitely crafted film.

Collection Day from Lizzy Mansfield on Vimeo.

Rosie has also composed the theme tune for my series of short films Celia, which I look forward to introduce all 7 episodes shortly – so watch this space!