Recording The Underwriters, Live Theatre

It’s now over 5 years since I was part of The Underwriters project at Live Theatre, Newcastle which showcased the talent of local writers, actors and 2 up-and-coming directors, David Robson and Helen Ferguson with Degna Stone as producer. The idea was for writers to create a monologue which would then be performed in the Undercroft at Live Theatre.  Some very powerful pieces were produced including my own Tilting at Windmills played by Stan Smith as a retired Colonel.

A number of these monologues were also suitable for audio and so we recorded them in the Green Room at Live Theatre for thus giving longevity to the project and finding a new audience online.  I am now featuring these timeless pieces again for your enjoyment:

Tilting at Windmills by Rachel Cochrane

A Coat from Robbs by Noreen Rees

What to Tell Baba by Gareth Pert

Moth by Degna Stone

Pissin’ Down by Jen Brown

Trust by Roz Wylie