‘Room to Write’ short story competition 2014

Interview short story competitionIt has been a great honour to be part of the prestigious ‘Room to Write’ short story competition run by the renowned Wendy Robertson and Costa Short Story Winner 2012, Avril Joy and competition administrator Gillian Wales.  It even attracted literary giants Pat Barker and David Almond as sponsors.  My part was to record the winning entries and I also recorded interviews and sound bites from the Winners’ Presentation Evening which was hosted by the Teikyo University of Japan at Durham University.

The first place in the competition went to short story Diagonal Flight and this was read by its author, Christine Powell and recorded by me in the library of the wonderfully tranquil building of the Teikyo University.   I hope to bring you further stories from the runners up over the next few weeks.

The great thing about the ‘Room to Write’ competition is that it provides much needed recognition for the work of aspiring writers and as a result I am able to bring you some fantastic audio!

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