Nissan: 30 Years On – audio interviews

A sample of audio Interviews from people associated with Nissan from the ‘Nissan: 30 Year On’ exhibition by Rachel Cochrane and James Sebright.  The exhibition runs until 18th October 2015 at The Oriental Museum, Durham.  CLICK HERE for details

Ged Parker was a member of the negotiating team that attracted Nissan to the North East in the early 1980s.

Irene Wilkinson taught English to Japanese families of Nissan employees who had arrived in England to work at the Sunderland plant.

James Albert Bell is a former employee of Nissan who now works for a Japanese company supplying parts to Nissan.

Megumi Sakurai is the wife of a Japanese Nissan employee who has recently arrived in the North East with her family.

Portrait photos by James Sebright