Listen to the winners of the Emily Inspires! writing competiton

Suffragette Emily Davison  was fatally wounded under the King’s racehorse at The Epsom Derby. To commemorate the centenary of her death & to celebrate her Northumberland  roots, ran a writing competition (with both national and Northumberland categories) in partnership with Northumberland County Council & Greater Morpeth Development Trust sponsored by the Arts Council England

We asked people to imagine Emily’s final departure from her mother’s home in Longhorsley, as she left Northumberland by train for Epson Derby. We wanted them to express their thoughts and feelings the eyes of Emily or Emily’s mother, Margaret, or their neighbour Bob who often drove Emily to Morpeth Railway Station.

Podcast Content

The winners of the Emily Inspires! writing competition recorded at Radio Northumberland.

Lionhearted Lass by Kirsten Freiesleben (2nd place National category)

Emily’s Goodbye by Pippa Little (2nd place Northumberland category)

The Thoughts of Bob by Allison Davies (1st place in National & Northumberland categories)

She’ll Come Home by Jennifer Knights  (3rd place in National category)

Emily by Gillian Howe (Promising New Writer Award)

4th June 1913 by Kris Raetschus (3rd place in Northumberland Category)


Narrator: Rachel Cochrane

Emily: Lauren Caisley (descendant of Emily Davison)

Margaret: Penni Blythe-Jones

Bob: Graeme Trotter