Stories Inspired by WW1 Objects from the DLI Museum Collection

WW1 Sweetheart Pincushion

Sweetheart Pincushion
DLI WW1 collection

Listen to stories inspired by handling objects from the WW1 collection at the Durham Light Infantry Museum.  These were developed as part of  Always Remember, Never Forget , the DLI Gallery exhibition to commemorate World War 1 (runs 7-22 June 2014).  The stories were developed by Writer Rachel Cochrane for her exhibit and also by the participants from the the related creative writing workshops that Rachel ran at the DLI.

The writers bring life to these seemingly inaminate objects and give them their own distinct voice:

Pickelhaube - a WW1 German military helmet

Pickelhaube WW1 German military helmet DLI WW1 collection

Butcher’s Lad Billy by Rachel Cochrane read by Helen J Aitken & inspired by the Sweetheart Pincushion (symbol of healing) typically made by soldiers recuperating in France and sent to sweethearts back home.

Pickelhaube by Rachel Cochrane read by Roland Koerner & inspired by the German military pickelhaube helmet worn in the early part of WW1 (symbol of healing & a German voice & perspective

One Last Push written and read by Agnes Frain & inspired by the Lee Enfield Rifle

He Died for Freedom and Honour 1918 written and read by Jim Perrie & inspired by the Memorial Plaque (Death Penny) issued after WW1 to next-of-kin of all British & Empire service personnel killed as a result of WW1

Sam Browne Belt DLI WW1 collection

Sam Browne Belt DLI WW1 collection

241613 written by Caroline Fox and read by Rachel Cochrane & inspired by the Webley Mark VI revolver

Under a Cold November Sky, 1916 written and read by Pam Plumb about the voice of Sam Browne Belt belonging to an Officer, recently deceased, serving at Butte de Warlecourt

The Blanket written by Sheila Fidler and read by Rachel Cochrane inspired by an army issue blanket

Webley Mark VI revolver

Webley Mark VI revolver DLI WW1 collection

The Bayonet written and read by Irene Styles

A Story inspired by the Sweetheart Pincushion written and read by Pauline Long

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