Coronation memories

Coronation Memories was an oral history project which captured memories of the 1953 Queen’s Coronation from the older generation of a Northumberland village.

Rachel met with members of the Stocksfield WRVS lunch club and the Stocksfield Retired Men’s Association and was very privileged to record the memories of 14 participants, from the time of King George VI’s death and the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne and her Coronation. There were a wealth of other memories too including the Queens’s Silver Jubilee and even the Coronation of King George VI!

A wonderful resource for future generations

Through the Coronation Memories project a wonderful, rich collection of archive photographs and artefacts was gathered, providing the opportunity for participants to share their memories with the community. The photographs and audio recordings were then assembled into two short films to create a wonderful resource for present and future generations. You can view both of the films below.