Celia, Housewife 49ish by Rachel Cochrane

A series of short films of menopausal musings

Celia Short Films

Celia episode 1

Celia episode 1

Is housewife Celia in denial about her attraction to Simon? CLICK…
Celia ep2

Celia episode 2

That evening Celia recounts the events of the afternoon. CLICK…
Celia ep3

Celia episode 3

Celia continues to recount the events of earlier that day. CLICK…

Celia episode 4

Celia is feeling on top of the world, in love and having…
Celia ep5

Celia episode 5

Celia’s guilt over the affair drives her into OCD meltdown CLICK…
Celia episode 6

Celia episode 6

Celia is packing a suitcase.  Where is she going? CLICK…
Celia ep7

Celia episode 7

In this final episode of the series, Celia is back home recovering…

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Romantic Short Story Competition

In the spirit of Celia & her writing endeavours, Rachel also ran a spoof romantic short story competition.

Listen to recordings of the romantic stories written by the winner and two runners up below.