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Past Workshop Feedback: ‘Home of Heroes’ at South Shields Museum & Art Gallery

Letter from POW Fisherman Captain Culling

Letter from POW Fisherman Captain Culling

Recently, I have had the great pleasure of preparing 3 creative workshops for Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums to reflect their current  ‘Wor Life’ series of exhibitions.  The first one I delivered was at South Shields Museum where curator Adam Bell has put together the remarkable Home of Heroes: South Tyneside in the First World War which runs until 24th January 2015.

I have learnt so much preparing for this workshop, not only about bravery of local decorated military heroes but also the bravery of local people who did not go to war.  This includes the Merchant Seamen and Fishermen, who were in a non-confrontational role but nevertheless risked their lives during WW1 to bring  back food and supplies.

South Shields Museum WW1 workshop tourIn the workshop we looked at heroes in the wider sense and also how communities remember their heroes.  Although only a small group of participants attended, they produced some fantastic work further inspired by a tour around the exhibition by Curator Adam and handling some genuine WW1 artefacts such as letters and diaries.

There are 2 further workshops to run in this series When the Lamps Went Out at The Discovery Museum on 12th November and also Coal, Ships and Zeppelins at Segedunum Museum on 19th November. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS