Fringe Benefits

Just catching my breath after the whirlwind few days at The Edinburgh Fringe 2016.  The whole experience of being there now feels like some kind of bubble that popped as we drove back over the border into England.  I can’t believe that after all that preparation, my stage play Celia is all over.

I returned with amazing memories, not only of putting on Celia at Spotlites venue 278 which was in fact the beautiful building of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, but also of being part of the rich diversity and throng of the Festival and mixing with other playrights and performers from all corners of the globe.  I saw a Canadian Comedian, a Nigerian writer/actor performing his play about American singer Paul Robeson and a young Australian guy impersonating Johnny Cash.

Celia Ed Fringe Collage

I cannot thank actor Penny Lamport enough for her compelling performance and dedication to the role of Celia.  Save the writing process, Penny has been with me since the start of the journey to take my character to an audience including a series of films with wonderful digital media artist Shirley Anne Wood.  And all accompanied to music composed and played by my daughter Rosie Cochrane to create the perfect mood.

Our stage was small and the timing to set up and take down practiced to the minute due to the constant throughput of shows in each space.  I was very humbled by those who had travelled all the way to Edinburgh to see it, including my sisters, writing friend Sue Hedworth and Debra, Gordon and Val from The People’s Theatre.  On Sunday morning I was delighted to find on Social Media a pic of co-working and networking friends Jo Cameron (Colleagues on Tap) and Bev Sherratt (Profectus 4 People) on the train to Edinburgh.  Given that they had already seen Celia in Newcastle – that was beyond the call of duty!

Ed Fringe Collage sq


Thank you to everyone who helped to spread the word.  At times it seemed like a thankless task handing out flyers on the street especially in the rain.  Thank goodness for the constant enthusiasm and support of Penny and Rosie.  And we received wonderful feedback after each performance, much of it from strangers who were there because they had recieved a flyer.  I must also give a special mention to North East Fish and Game business Ridleys who handed out leaflets at all their market stalls including the fabulous Stocksbridge Market on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Want to know more about Celia? For further info and to watch her films CLICK HERE

And for anyone travelling upto Edinburgh Fringe later this month, I would recommend seeing The People’s Theatre production of the powerful Five Kinds of Silence at venue 40 (Quaker Meeting House) 22-27 August.  For further details CLICK HERE