‘Figureheads’ recce at the TVLB

figurehead TVLBAs I was making my way across the headland at Tynemouth through howling winds and freezing horizontal rain I thought, ‘If there’s one thing about creatives – we’re a committed lot’.  And so it was on that November day I arrived Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade watch house.  There, I huddled round a heater with the rain driving off the North Sea and lashing against the windows.  I was in good company with actors Penny Lamport, Ann Ridley, Mary Pickin and Ray Moore plus Whitley Bay writer, Noreen Rees.

We had come together for a brief  introductory meeting as part of the North Tyneside Podcast Project to recce the watch house as a venue to record, rehearse and perform Noreen Rees’ radio play Figureheads.  In the midst of this, a group ramblers wandered in, cagoules dripping wet, glad of the shelter of the watch house.

rope TVLB For anyone who has never visited the TVLB watch house it is a fascinating place of artefacts which tell the story of the 150 years history of the organisation and its coastal rescues. These still continue today and still use the ‘Breeches’ Bouy’ technique with a rope, pulley and canvas breeches.  Noreen’s radio play is inspired by 4 figureheads on display in the watch house which came from ships wrecked on the notorious Black Midden Rocks in the mouth of the Tyne.

We will be performing and recording the radio play Figureheads live on Sunday 24th January 2016, so please watch this space!